Eye Exams

This Innovative eyewear boutique, with Doctor of Optometry on premises, offers full-service comprehensive eye examinations to evaluate components of your vision.


A thorough and careful refraction will determine the correct THOSOO ( now you know our name means “eyeglass prescription”) to provide a sharp and clear vision.

Ideal vision requires both precision & professional guidance. Our Doctor of Optometry will show one prescription against others, a visual compare & contrast that helps to explain and demonstrate just the right one for you.

Your eye examination will be comfortable, personal, friendly and interesting.


At Thosoo Eyewear, we strongly believe eyewear is a work of art designed for ones face. Such as, we treat them as art, therefore, curating our eyewear collections is a passion we love to share with you.

We carefully search and hand pick frames from unique designers from around the world.


Our goal is to provide exceptional quality, designs and styles that we know will be perfect on your unique face.


Let us show you new colors, shapes, textures and of one a kind fitting of eyewear.


We're surrounded by HD technology everywhere; Our phones, TV, games are designed with High Definition technology.

Why not do the same with your prescription eyeglasses? At Thosoo Eyewear we recommend only the best options for your eyewear. It is our goal to provide all of our customers with crisp, sharp and clear vision by providing only Digitally Designed lens technology for all Progressive wearers.

Unlike conventional progressive lenses (standard no-line multifocal lenses), every Digitally fabricated progressive is perfect, consistent and computer generated. This is due to the “Point to Point” backside surfacing technology. Therefore, the back surface of the lens, which is closest to your eye provides better and more comfortable wear.

Digital Progressive lenses offer superior comfort, clarity and a wider field of vision, up to 30% wider! With Digital technology, the only option at Thosoo, there’s nothing to get in the way of you seeing the world with greater clarity and comfort. All of our Digital Progressive lenses are processed with a “Super Hydrophobic” Anti-reflective coating.

Contact lenses

There is a Contact lens out there for everyone. Many people choose to wear contact lenses for the simple fact of comfort and ease when working or engaging in activities.


Choosing the right contact lenses that will satisfy your specific needs will ensure your comfortable fit and healthy eyes.

Yearly evaluations will determine the best lens for your eyes and visual demands, regardless if they you feel they haven’t changed.


Many aspects of our health continue to change and fluctuate over time. Here at Thosoo, we will determine the proper lens to help you see comfortably and clearly.

Adjustments & Repairs

We also provide custom-fitted nose-guards for plastic frames to provide a better fit. Have an old vintage frame you would like to refurbish?


We can refurbish almost any frame and bring them back to life like new. Custom made Clip-on sunglasses can be made for your specific frame even if you were told it doesn’t exists.

All adjustments are provided free of charge whether a frame was purchased at Thosoo or not. We actually encourage all our customers to bring their eyewear every 3 months for a schedule tune up and cleaning.


Adjustments, minor repairs (missing screws or nose pads) are part of a lifetime warranty service we provide to all customers. We are a one stop shop for all your eyewear needs.


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