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Eyeglass Repair -

We know accidents happen, glasses fall on the ground, sunglasses are easily sat on, lenses get scratched in your bag among other things that can occur to your prescription eyewear.

Due to everyday wear and tear, your glasses can become loose, crooked, or off alignment.

Thosoo Eyewear repairs all types of eyeglass issues. We understand the importance of your eyewear you've invested in.

Our professionally trained staff will get your frames back in tip-top shape. Our technicians perform all types of repairs like: Lens Replacements - Metal Frame Repairs - Plastic Frame Repairs - Screw replacements and Scratch Removal.

All work is performed on-site by our technicians who have decades of hands-on experience. During the repair process, we'll keep you informed when they are repaired. If you have any questions, simply contact our customer service department.

Titanium Eyeglass Welding


Titanium eyeglasses cannot be soldered; most optical shops do not have the equipment needed to weld them.


Precision titanium welds are strong and very clean. Do not throw your expensive titanium frames you have worked hard for away! We can fix them!

Plastic Eyeglass Repair


We heat/insert a metal splint into frame. This not only does this stabilizes it but also melds the plastic back together in that area, creating a very strong bond.


Glue alone does not work and will inevitably break again, sooner than later. By adding a metal splint, a mechanical connection is created that can handle the stresses eyeglasses face.

Precision Eyeglass Welding


Along with titanium, most metal eyeglass frames can be precision welded.


These precision welds preserve the integrity of the frame and do not damage sensitive and expensive features. Keep your favorite eyeglasses looking great

Nose Pad Arm Adaptation


Plastic eyeglass frames without nose pad arms often slide down; Without nose pads, there's no way of stopping this. Using heat, the nose pad arms are plunged into the frame.


Nose pads are now attached to the arms. After the adaptation is completed, you now have the ability to adjust to fit your unique bridge (nose).

Eyeglass Restoration


Make your favorite old eyeglasses like new again! Eyeglass restoration can involve not only a full cleaning but also repairs, maintenance, and removal of aged plating's and paints.


We have assortment of touch-up paints and electro-plating & powder coating. We can take your favorite old frame and breath new life into it. We work on all vintage through modern frames.

Eyeglass Hinge Repair


There are many different types of materials and styles of hinges. We have a variety of techniques to repair them all.


Whether installing a new hinge into your plastic frames or welding a new spring hinge onto the frames, we can just about fix them all; send in your pair today!

Eyeglass Temple Replacement


Sometimes the best solution is to simply replace one or both eyeglass temples.


We have an array of eyeglasses to use with many styles and hinge types.


If you've lost a temple or it is damaged beyond repair this is a good solution.

Mystery Eyeglass Repairs


Not sure what repair you need?

We can figure it out. All eyeglasses are repaired on-site by Thosoo Eyewear.


A inclusive knowledge of the optical industry is crucial to find solutions to complicated eyeglass repairs.


If you're not sure what the problem is but you know it's broken and want to get it fixed, let us tell you what we can do!

Nose Pads, Temple Tips Hinges and Screws


Thosoo Eyewear can replace nose pads & temple tips and tighten up or replace those loose or missing screws.


Nothings better than fresh nose pads to help with slippage or rubbing against your nose causing irritation.

Thosoo will not charge for simple repairs on your frames, even if not purchased from us. Yup, that's right !

Charges only apply to frames that require extensive work. Each case varies, bring in for accurate pricing.

Powder Coating:


First we remove old chipped and faded plating and paints. Then we powder coat and bake the eyeglasses.


Powder coating is a melted on coating far stronger than any paint. Make your eyeglasses a subtle matte or gloss black or a more exotic color!


Contact us for a list of colors available.

Eyeglass Electro-Plating:


Thosoo can touch up small areas on your frames or strip the frames down and fully re-plate them in a new coat making them look brand new.


Eyeglass electro-plating can be used with powder coating to create a unique look  giving you a one of a kind pair!

Tiny Parts are No Problem!


We can handle and come up with solutions for many problems that arise when your eyeglasses break.


Many parts are extremely small, which is why we weld under a microscope. Little parts can equal big problems!


With years of experience in the industry, your eyeglasses are in good hands with Thosoo Eyewear !


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